Trying to put together a list of resources to help you in your journey of studying the Bible is a daunting task.  There are just so many incredible things out there.   Below are some of my favorites that I've used over the years...not an exhaustive list by any means.  I pray these are helpful to you!  

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The Celebration Of Discipline - An absolute must-have in my opinion.  Rich with teaching and intention behind different practices.
The Spirit Of The Disciplines - Also a must-have.  If "celebration" is the what, "spirit of the disciplines" is the why. 
Sacred Rhythms 
Habits Of Grace



30 Days To Understanding the Bible - an easy, comprehensive overview of the different themes and movements and history of the Scriptures.
Systematic Theology - A classic, must-read
Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook - Filled with pictures and artifacts, this really brings many of the stories and cultural history to life.
Vines Complete Expository Dictionary - One of my oldest resources for studying the meaning of biblical words in their original language.
Zondervan Illustrated Dictionary - Incredible insight into historical, chronological, archaeological, geographical, social, theological, and biographical aspects of the Bible
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - Just a massive resource that includes not only a concordance but a dictionary too
Matthew Henry's Commentary - There are tons of commentaries out there, but this one is a classic and a great place to start.
Rose Book Of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines- The name gives away a lot, but this book is such a great resource to keep open while you are reading the Word.  

Digital Resources

The Bible Project - This is a treasure trove of teachings and resources that help you get both an overview of different books of the Bible and zooming in to see the details.  I also highly recommend their podcast and app!
Dwell Audio Bible - This is my favorite audio Bible.  With different playlists and voices and background music to choose from, its become a daily go-to for me to "hear" the Word.  There's normally a monthly charge, but we are providing it to you for free! Just use our link.
Blue Letter Bible - This is a free resource online that is filled with helpful commentaries, encyclopedias, maps/images and much more.
Logos Bible Software - This is the biggest and most robust study software you can find.  Its also my go-to for both personal and pastoral studies.  There are different paid plans depending on what it is you are looking for, but be warned, the resources are endless.

Study Bibles

Study Bible are super helpful if you are just looking for some quick insight because they often include commentaries, maps, and even practices.   These are a few I've used over the years.
ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible - Contains a bunch of articles on deep theological issues and doctrinal studies.  
Chronological Study Bible - It's the Bible but it's in chronological order.  Such a fascinating way to read through the scriptures.  This Bible also contains commentaries and resources too!
ESV Study Bible - This was my very first study bible.  Still use it to this day.  Incredibly helpful and filled with study notes.
C.H. Spurgeon Study Bible - Is anyone surprised this is on my list?  Packed with Charles Spurgeon's notes, teaching outlines and quotes.  An absolute favorite for sure.
The Abide Bible - This Bible takes a unique approach because, on each page, there is an invitation to really meditate on what you've read.  Writing prompts invite you to Contemplate, Journal, Picture and Pray through what is happening in the scripture you are reading.
Filament Bible - On the surface, it looks just like another Bible, but when you pair it with their app, you can scan the page you are on and it will unlock a ton of resources for the exact page you are on.  

ESV Readers Bible- This is actually the opposite of a study Bible.  There are no commentaries or pictures or bonus features.  In fact, they've even taken out the chapter breaks and verse numbers.  It's just simply the Word Of God that you read like a book.  If you've never really spent time in the Word like this, I can't recommend it enough.  You'll be amazed at how much you can get out of it without all the little distractions.  


Recommended Reading

Many of the Spiritual Disciplines books have a chapter or two on Silence and Solitude (like ch 7 of Celebration of Discipline)...but this one book is focused on it.
An Invitation Into Silence and Solitude - This book is amazing and I read it probably close to once a year.

Digital Resources

Practicing The Way - From Bridgetown Church - A collection of resources, teachings and practices for silence and solitude.  
10 FAQs to Practicing Silence - A great article from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (which is also a great book!)
Take a Break From The Chaos - An amazing article from the author of Habits of Grace (if you don't order the whole book!)


Recommended Reading

Digital Resources

Practicing The Way - From Bridgetown Church - A collection of resources, teachings and practices for sabbath.  
4 Steps To A Meaningful Sabbath - A great article from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (which is also a great book!)
The Bible Project - A great article about the relevance of Sabbath today (plus here is a link to a 14 part mini-series on their podcast about Sabbath


Recommended Reading

Digital Resources

Practicing The Way - From Bridgetown Church - A collection of resources, teachings and practices for fasting.  
Personal Guide To Fasting - A digital resource from CRU
The Bible Project - Podcast about Feasting and Fasting in the scriptures
What Is The Purpose Of Fasting - A short video by Dr Donald Whitney